SOS Tuesday 10-16



Great prizes to play for today including a microwave on level 2, a wine chiller on level 3, a blu-ray player on level 4 and a 32″ LED TV on level 5!

Times we’ll play: 8:45, 11:45 and 6:45

Click for a question from one of today’s games…


A company has announced plans to create an exact replica of the Taj Mahal in Dubai. In what country is the original Taj Mahal?


Level one

Caballo Lake is a reservoir located on which river in New Mexico?

A. Rio Grande

Level two

John Lennon was one half of the most successful song writing team of all time. Name the other half.

A. Paul McCartney


Level 1

Baseball playoffs are underway and one perennial postseason participant from New York is on the verge of elimination by the Detroit Tigers.  Name this team.

A. Yankees

Level 2

What is the name of the mayor of Las Cruces who served immediately before Ken Miyagishima?

A. Bill Mattiace