SOS Friday 10-12



It’s FlyAway Friday again – 2 airline tickets anywhere in the U.S.

Times we’ll play today: 8:45, 11:45 and 5:45

Click for one of today’s questions…

On this day in 1492, this Italian born explorer, sailing for Spain, reached land in the present day Bahamas. Name him.


Level 1

Fearless Felix Baumgartner is planning to freefall 23 miles from the edge of space and hopes to land safely in or around this New Mexico municipality. Name this city.

A. Roswell

Level 2

George Herman Ruth is one of the greatest baseball stars of all time. He was known variously as the “Bambino” and the “Sultan of Swat”; but his most famous one word nickname was what?

A. Babe (missed)


Level One

It was 15 years ago today this New Mexico born singer died in a plane crash. He named himself after the capital of Colorado. Who was he?

A. John Denver

Level Two

How many stripes are there on the “Stars and Stripes”

A. Thirteen

Level Three

This New Mexico town was once known as Anapra but latert named itself after a nearby racetrack. What is this town know as today?

A. Sunland Park

Level Four

John A. Sanchez holds high elected office in New Mexico. What is his position in the state government?

A. Lt. Governor (Stopped) (won a 1.7 cu.ft. mini refrigerator/freezer)


Level 1

It is an annual holiday celebrated on October 31st during which children dress is costumes and beg for treats.  What is the holiday called?

A. Halloween

Level 2

How many pounds are there in one U.S. ton?

A. 2000

Level 3

This wildly popular movie released in 2008 starred Kristin Stewart and Robert Pattinson.  It can be described in one sentence.  “A teenage girl risks everything when she falls in love with a vampire.”  Name the movie.

A. Twilight

Level 4

Originally designed for the army in the 40s, this vehicle was first designated “for general purpose.”  What did the vehicle come to be known as?

A. Jeep

Level 5

One time New Mexico governor, Lew Wallace, wrote a famous novel set in Ancient Rome.  Name the novel.

A. Ben Hur (winner!)