SOS Wednesday 10-10



We hope to do a lot better today than yesterday! NO WHAMMIES!!! Melissa did well – she stopped at level 2 and won a camcorder! 

Times we’ll play today:

9:45, 11:45 and 4:45

Click to see a question planned for one of today’s games…

This wildly popular book written by author E.L. James is the first installment of a trilogy first published in 2011. Name it.


Level 1

What does N-M-S-U stand for?

A. New Mexico State University

Level 2

In January of 1912, New Mexico became the 47th what?

A. state


Level 1

The Flinstones was a primtetime animated TV show about a working class stoneage man’s life with his family and his next door neighbor and best firend. What was Mr. Flinstone’s first name?

A. Fred

Level 2

What New Mexico National park is home to one of the world’s most famous caves?

A. Carlsbad Caverns

Level 3

Robert Zimmerman was born in Duluth, Minnesota in 1941. By what name have audiences known him since the early 60’s?

A. Bob Dylan (Nancy stopped and won a new RCA sound sound system)


Level 1

Joe Biden and Paul Ryan are debating tomorrow.  What elective office are they running for?

A: U. S. Vice President

Level 2

Snooki, JWow and the Situation are all cast members of this MTV reality show.  What is the show’s name?

A: Jersey Shore

Level 3

This opaque blue-to-green mineral is often found in Native American jewelry and is officially the New Mexico state gem.  What is it?

A: Tourqoise