A Nation Stunned


Even his lawyers seemed surprised when the verdict came down. 

Also, we donned our “ears” for the first time.

Wednesday, October 3rd, the 277th day of 2012


Today is International Walk to School Day.









1955: Two new children’s programs debuted on network television: Captain Kangaroo on CBS and The Mickey Mouse Club on ABC. Both became hit daytime shows.





1995: A Los Angeles jury found O.J. Simpson not guilty of murdering his ex-wife Nicole Brown and waiter Ronald Goldman. Some 107 million people watched TV news coverage of the verdict. Simpson was later found liable in a civil trial.  (BTW, the man second from the left is Robert Kardashian – the now deceased father of the reality show Kardashians)







1965 – This group became the first western band to perform behind the Iron Curtain. They played in Budapest.  It was Manfred Mann.