SOS Tuesday 10-2


Congrats Leroy for taking $50 on a Money, Money Monday!

Today we have some excellent prizes you can play for at

7:45, 11:45 and 4:45

Click for a hint in one of today’s games

Dr. McKinley Boston holds an important position in this community. What is his job?


Level 1

Name the NM town that famed Sheriff Pat Garrett is buried in?

A. Las Cruces (missed)


Level one

How many members of the Beatles were there between 1964 and 1969?

A. Four

Level two

What is the nickname used by Hatch Valley High School?

A. Bears (missed)


How many feet in a yard?

A: Three

Las Cruces has one daily newspaper.  What is it called?

A: Las Cruces Sun-News (Stopped for a cam-corder!)