Mystery in the White House


Plus, it was dubbed, “unsafe at any speed.”

Tuesday, October 2nd, the 276th day of 2012



Today is National Custodial Workers Day.






Tonight is Go for a Stroll After Dinner Night.







No Salt Week begins today.







1919: President Wilson suffers a stroke that left him partially paralyzed.  His wife conducted much of the business of the presidency thereafter while consulting with her husband.  In fact, very few people ever had access to the President again and the First Lady served as virtual president from then on.





1959 The Corvair is introduced by Chevrolet.  The car proved popular but a few years later it was described as “unsafe at any speed.”








1994: At age 42, this singer confirmed he had suffered a mild heart attack and that he smoked four packs of cigarettes a day, and his cholesterol level was a dangerous 300.  It was John Mellencamp.