101 # 1 Song of the Day 9-26-2012

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The 101 number one song of the day was never finished and wasn’t supposed to be a hit – but it was for a guy who had the Mamas and Papas as back up singers.

The writer recorded a rough vocal so the singer could hear it before the final mix.  A copy of that version got into the hands of a record label executive who turned over to a guy who worked for LA radio station KFWB.  Within hours, the song, which was supposed to be a flip side to another – as yet undecided – song – was playing on the air and while the head of the record company was furious, it was too late.  But nobody else seemed to care and the record was on its way to number one where it sat on September 26, 1965.  Today’s featured singer had introduced the Mamas and Papas to the record label president who signed them and their first duties were to sing back up vocals for the man who got them their first contract.  That earned him a mention in their autobiographical song “Creeque Alley” but after the song you’re about to hear, he never had another hit –  Barry McGuire (Eve of Destruction)