One Heckuva Voyage


Also, the epic battle of the sexes and a “handy” operation.

Thursday, September 20th, the 264th Day of 2012






Today is National Gibberish Day.








Portuguese navigator Ferdinand Magellan began the first circumnavigation of the world on this date in 1519 — Four of his ships were destroyed, Magellan himself was killed, and only 22 of his 265 men ever made it back to Spain. But according to history, it was real nice trip.











1973: In a so-called “battle of the sexes,” tennis star Billie Jean King defeated Bobby Riggs in straight sets at the Houston Astrodome.










1998: In a surgical first, doctors in Lyon, France, sewed a donor’s hand and arm on a man whose own arm had been amputated in an accident 14 years earlier. The delicate surgery took over 13 hours.










1973: A Thirty year old singer and songwriter was killed in an airplane crash on this night 37 years ago on his way to a concert in Sherman, Texas. His next concert was to be here in Las Cruces –. Jim Croce