SOS Wednesday 9-19-12

Times we’ll play today:

7:45, 11:45 and 4:45

click to find one of today’s potential questions – we can’t say which game or which level though. Dave from Deming did a great job until level 3 at 7:45 this morning. See his questions below the hint.


HINT: From which State does Republican Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan come?

Today’s questions used:


Level 1

How many United States Senators does NM have?

A. 2

Level 2

Peyton Manning is now the quarterback for the Broncos. For what team did he play before moving to Denver?

A. Indianapolis Colts

Level 3

Name the former CBS news anchor who debuted a new TV talk show last week.

A. Katie Couric (missed)


Level 1


Level 2

What ocean surrounds the Hawaiian Islands?

A. Pacific

Level 3

Which President delivered the Gettysburg Address?

A. Abe Lincoln (missed)


Level 1

What sport is Chi Chi Rodriguez associated with?

A. Golf (missed)