SOS Tuesday 9-18-12

Times to play today:

9:45, 2:45 and 6:45…Richard didn’t make it in level 1! If that happens to you, remember, you can play again in 7 days…click on the Swap or Stop box to read the full rules.

Click to see one of today’s questions (we can’t tell you which game or which level it is)

Rocky Ward coaches what sport at New Mexico State University? 

Today’s questions used:


Level 1

Happy Birthday to the New Yourk Times – first published on this day in 1793. It’s famous slogan is “all the news that’s fit to” …what?

A. print (missed)


Level 1

This 3-letter term for a distress signal is also a household cleaner. Name it.


Level 2

Rocky Ward coaches what sport at New Mexico State University?

A. Baseball

Level 3

Which space shuttle is scheduled to fly over Las Cruces on its final cross country trip Thursday?

A. Endeavour (missed)


Level 1

Last week it was the Battle of I-10 and the Aggies played UTEP; this week it’s the Battle of I-25 and it’s NMSU against who?


Level 2

A person who doesn’t dance well is said to have two what?

A. left feet

Level 3

Jerry Lewis’ son had a bunch of hits in the 60s with his band the Playboys. What was his name?

A. Gary Lewis  (missed)