SOS Monday 9-17-12

Times to play today:

8:45, 1:45, 5:45…Sandra Munoz has already won $75 on level 3! It didn’t go so well for Valerie who didn’t make it past level 1, but Pam Speer got $75 too on level 3 with Scott.

Click to see one of today’s planned questions…what you won’t know is which game or which level. We’re also posting the day’s questions used as each game is played!

How many years has New Mexico been a state?

Here’s the questions we’ve already used


Level 1

The infamous NM outlaw who was once tried in a courthouse in Mesilla was known as Billy the …what?

A. Kid

Level 2

If you’re on a trip of 120 miles, you will have reached the halfway mark once you have gone how many miles?

A. 60

Level 3

In which state was Barack Obama born?

A. Hawaii


Level 1

With which state does Colorado share the majority of its Southern border?

A. New Mexico


Level 1

How many years has New Mexico been a state?

A. 100 years

Level 2

In England, this famour musician is often referred to in the tabloids as Macca. Who is he?

A. Paul McCartney

Level 3

This Grant County, New Mexico town is where Billy the Kid grew up and it’s where he was arrested for the first time. Name it.

A. Silver City