101 #1 Song of the Day 9-13-12

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The 101 number one song of the day was recorded by a man who, to use his own words, was the  kid, “that used to get stones thrown at him because he was so thin and couldn’t do physical training very well.” But what he could do very well was play the guitar.

As a teenager he was drafted by the Yardbirds to play lead.  Disillusioned with what he perceived as their abandonment of hardcore blues, he quit.  Later he formed the group Cream, then Blind Faith and still later Derek and the Dominoes.  But the song that he took to the top of the charts this week in 1974 was written by reggae genius Bob Marley and recorded under his own name – Eric Clapton  and it’s today’s 101 number one song of the day “I Shot the Sheriff”