Somebody had to be first…

…and George Smith was the guy.  Unfortunately for him.  Plus a hall of fame coach gets the boot and it wasn’t because he wasn’t getting the wins and feeling the effects of Katrina – in England!





Today is National Swap Ideas Day.






By switching places, bosses and employees are supposed to get a better understanding of their jobs and responsibilities.




1897: George Smith drove his taxi into a building in London and would become history’s first convicted drunk driver. He claimed he’d had only two or three beers.  (Ever notice it’s never more than two or three.)










2000 Indiana University fires basketball coach Bobby Knight for what was called a pattern of unacceptable behavior.










2005: Hurricane Katrina`s disruption of oil production pushed gas prices in Europe so high British drivers were reported paying the equivalent of $7 a gallon.











1964:  This former ‘would-be’ professional soccer player recorded his first song.  It was called “Good Morning Little School Girl.”