Here she comes…


..and there he goes (all of Hollywood mourns.)  Also the birth of a company that would be so influential in all of our lives, its name would become a verb!

Friday, September 7th, the 251st day of 2012






Today is National Feel the Love Day.







Today is National Lazy Moms Day, a day for hard working moms to do what they want to do.









On September 7, 1921, the first Miss America Pageant was held, in Atlantic City, New Jersey — the winner was Miss Washington, fifteen-year-old Margaret Gorham.










1926: Hollywood studios closed for the day to mark the funeral of Rudolph Valentino, the silent movie superstar who had died after ulcer surgery.





1998, Sergey Brin and Larry Page incorporated their Internet search company at Menlo Park, California. The test search engine was doing some 10,000 searches a day. A year later it was doing three million searches a day.  They called their company – Google







And on September 7, 1975 in Montreal, Canada, Guess Who played their last concert?

Guess Who…