101 #1 Song of the Day 9-7-12

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The 101 Number One Song of the Day was recorded by a group some touted as the “next Beatles” and while they fell far short of that kind of accomplishment, it was the Fab Four that got them started.

Growing up in the 60s provided the inspiration for the music they’d later make and in fact it was intentional they projected a sound that was reminiscent of many different bands from the British Invasion but it was the Beatles first performance on the Ed Sullivan Show that got group member Dour Fieger got all revved up, especially, John Lennon.  Their first album was recorded virtually live with few overdubs and from start to final mix took only 11 days and cost a mere $18,000.  Today’s featured record made a whole lot more money than that but their hit making abilities paled by comparison to the group which first motivated them.  But on September 7th, 1979 they occupied the number one spot on the pop charts with MY SHARONA.  It’s the Knack.