101 #1 Song of the Day 9-6-12

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The 101 number one song of the day was recorded by a group which was once known as the Pagans whose lead singer was first inspired to get into music after hearing a song called, “Don’t Roll Those Bloodshot Eyes at Me.”

He grew up in England inspired by American R&B and rock and roll artists such as Chuck Berry, Wilbert Harrison and Bo Diddley.  Later, he joined a group called the Alan Price Combo which evolved into the Pagans whose lineup included all the members that would record the song you’re about to hear.  The lead singer had first heard the song when he was ten years old and the melody always haunted him.  Eventually, it would launch his musical career which would include two separate popular groups.  According to popular myth, the group’s audiences had a special name for them other than the Pagans and that is the name we came to know them by.  He is Eric Burdon and the group became the Animals.  The song which was number one on September 6th, 1964 was House of the Rising Sun.