Money for nothing…

(he was probably already getting some chicks for free)  Find out who was paid millions of dollars to NOT do something.  Also the Superstar and the super lawsuit)


Friday, August 31st, the 244th day of 2012





Today is Love Litigating Lawyers Day, a time to appreciate the folks we want on our side when push comes to shove.   







Today is Invent A New Sandwich Day.   Go ahead, you can do it. Give it a really creative name.







Thomas Edison received the patent for his “kinetoscope” — the first movie projector — on August 31, 1887.










1980 – The 30-year contract between ‘Mr. Television’, Milton Berle, and NBC-TV expired. Uncle Miltie had received $6 million for NOT being on the air since his show, The Texaco Star Theatre, went off the air in the mid-1950s. NBC held Berle to the contract to keep him from appearing on competing networks.










A US court ruled on August 31, 1976, that George Harrison had subconsciously plagiarized parts of his song “My Sweet Lord” from the Chiffons’ hit “He’s So Fine.