Whales must have been happy…

…after what happened on this day in Titusville, PA.  And two “kings” were in the news on this day in history.

Monday, August 27, the 240th day of 2012.




Banana Lover’s Day is the day for everyone and anyone who loves bananas to rejoice! Did you know that the average person eats about 33 pounds of bananas a year? It’s true—this fruit is a worldwide favorite.

Bananas are high in fiber and potassium. These properties can help prevent calcium loss, ulcers, high blood pressure, and certain kinds of cancer. Though bananas are often shown as growing on trees, the banana “tree” is actually an herb. The banana is the fruit of this herb.

Today is the day for all banana lovers to unite and celebrate this sweet, nutritious treat. Grab a banana and enjoy Banana Lovers’ Day!







Today is Petroleum Day, marking the first commercial oil well that began pumping on August 27, 1859 in Titusville, Pennsylvania.  Whales, hunted for their oil, breathed a collective sigh of relief.







1912: Edgar Rice Burroughs published his first magazine story about an abandoned English boy raised by African apes. Tarzan, “King of the Jungle,” became one of the 20th centuries’ best-known fictional characters.








1965: a meeting of the Titans: The Beatles, on tour in Los Angeles, visited a fellow entertainer at his Bel Air home. They stayed up all night talking and jamming with Elvis.


Wouldn’t have been cool to be a fly on the wall?  Well, except for the being a fly part.