The First of Many, Falls…

…And it happened right here in Southern New Mexico. Also, Bill says he did it. Plus, the Indra Club in Hamburg books a band that would make quite a name for themselves.

Friday, August 17th, the 230th Day of 2012.



Today is #2 Pencil Day.









Today is National Thriftshop Day.









A seventeen-year-old outlaw named Henry McCarty, (how about William Bonney) alias “Billy the Kid,” gunned down his first victim on this date 136 years ago.











1996: An 8-year-old gorilla named Binti cradled an injured boy in her arms and left him for keepers to rescue after the boy fell 20 feet into her enclosure at the Chicago zoo.






1998: US President Bill Clinton admitted his relationship with intern Monica Lewinsky.











1960: The new band opened what would become a three-month engagement at the Indra Club in Hamburg, Germany — the first performance outside England for – the Beatles.