Long Distance – 1850s style

Plus, Think fast! What is the first word that comes to mind in copy machines? And, who wears boxing gloves at their wedding ceremony? Find out here.

Thursday, August 16th, the 229th day of 2012





Today is National Follow Your Nose Day.







Today is Stay Home With Your Kids Day, a day to support and encourage stay-at-home parents.







1858 A telegraphed message from Britain’s Queen Victoria to President James Buchanan is transmitted over the recently laid trans-Atlantic cable.







1978: Xerox was forced to pay a $25.6 million fine for blocking Smith Corona and other companies from entering the photocopier market









1985: Madonna married Sean Penn in Malibu. She wore a leather teddy; he wore boxing gloves. They divorced in 1989.







1977: It was one of those days that – if you were old enough to remember – you remember exactly where you were when you heard of the death of – Elvis.