It took over 6 centuries to rebuild…

…but it was finally done on this day. It took a lot less time to rebuild Japan but it began on this day.

Tuesday, August 14th, the 227th Day of 2012





Today is International Nagging Day.








Today is National Financial Awareness Day.








1880 – Exactly 632 years after rebuilding began, the Cologne Cathedral, Cologne, Germany, was completed … only to be damaged again during WWII. The largest Gothic style cathedral in Northern Europe was first built on the same site in 873 A.D., but was destroyed by fire in 1248. Rebuilding began on this day in 1248.








1945 – This is the day that U.S. President Harry S Truman announced that Japan had surrendered to the Allies [WWII]. Thousands thronged into the streets throughout the United States to celebrate V-J Day.












1971: A former Supreme gave birth to her first child, Rhonda. It was only later that the name of father was revealed. He was Motown founder Berry Gordy, Jr. Her name was Diana Ross.