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101 # 1 Song of the Day – 8-9-12

Thursday, August 9th, 2012 by

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The 101 number one song of the day was the first “live” single to go to number one. It was also the first of nine number ones for a youngster who refused to let a major handicap keep him from being a star.

For the story behind the song…

Steveland Morris was born blind in Saginaw, MI. Along with his mother, sister and four brothers, he moved to Detroit where he formed a singing duo with a friend at the tender age of 9. He came to the attention of Brian Holland, one of Motown’s first staff producers who was so impressed that he interrupted his boss, Berry Gordy, Jr. in the middle of steak dinner to tell him that he had just signed a “wonder-kid.” Gordy was just as impressed, especially with his live performances so he decided to release one of them as a single. The song in question, however, was over seven minutes long so it was divided into two parts. DJs across the country preferred the second side to the first and as such Part II began climbing the charts and by August 9, 1963 it was number one for the now re-named: Little Stevie Wonder (Fingertips Part II)

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