Three ships set sail on a voyage to history

You, no doubt, know the names of these vessels by heart. On the same date, many years later, an American boat made history beneath the sea. And a camp classic was introduced on this day.






Today is National Watermelon Day. Have you seen the square watermelons that make them easier to ship?




1492 – Christopher Columbus set sail on the Santa Maria. He was accompanied by a crew of 90 and two more ships, the Nina and the Pinta. They left Spain to begin the search for a water passage to Cathay. Instead, Columbus and company landed on October 12 at Guanahani, San Salvador Island in the Bahamas … not India but the New World of the Americas.





The American submarine “USS Nautilus” passed under the North Pole on August 3, 1958, during its historic undersea Ice Cap crossing.






And on August 3rd, 1963 – Allan Sherman released a song that would soon become a summertime classic: “Hello Muddah, Hello Fadda.”