A famous duo breaks up…

…it was 10 years to the day after they began their relationship. Plus, it was the seventh straight win of a major annual event for someone who is facing having those victories vacated. And in music history, a rock and roll star warns his audience of the dangers of the devil’s music.




Today is Cousins Day, a time to honor all cousins.









Today is National Drive-Through Day, marking the founding of America’s first drive-through hamburger chain, Jack-in-the-Box, in 1951.






1956 – After a decade together as the country’s most popular comedy team, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis called it quits this night. They did their last show at the Copacabana nightclub in New York City. The duo ended their relationship exactly 10 years after they had started it.










2005: Lance Armstrong won his seventh straight Tour de France victory. Now he stands accused of doping and could lose those wins.












1979: at a San Francisco revival this evangelist was fired up as he warned the congregation about the dangers of rock ‘n’ roll. The evangelist’s name was Richard Penniman better known as “Little Richard.”