The nuclear age begins…


And it happened right here in our own backyard. Plus Major John Glenn makes big news BEFORE he became and astronaut. And Rock and Roll lost one of its most generous men on this date.

Monday, July 16th, the 198th day of 2012.





Today is Global Hug Your Kids Day.








Today is also National Closet Space Appreciation Day.









1945: the first test of an experimental nuclear bomb occurred in the New Mexico desert near Alamogordo. The mushroom cloud rose to 41,000 feet. All plant and animal life within one mile of ground zero ceased to exist.









1957 Marine Maj. John Glenn sets a transcontinental speed record by flying a jet from California to New York in 3 hours, 23 minutes and 8 seconds.







1981: This singer was killed when his car and a tractor-trailer collided on New York’s Long Island Expressway. It was Harry Chapin who, throughout most of his career, donated the proceeds from half of all of his concerts to charity.