101 # 1 Song of the Day

The 101 number one song of the day was an instant hit for the duo who sang it but it also was responsible for their breakup.


It was written by one of the members of the pair who had a tough time convincing the other to record it. But when the played in various gigs, their fans would often request it. That led to investing $500 to book some studio time in Odessa, TX. They distributed the song themselves to radio stations and it became a local hit. RCA records got wind of it and signed them to a contract. The record entered Billboard’s Hot 100 on June 21, 1969 and in three weeks it was the number one song in America. While it was still on the charts, the one who did not write the song decided it was not the type of song he wanted to be remembered for and he quit the business altogether. But not before solidifying his position as a one hit wonder. It arrived at number one July 12, 1969 for Zager and Evans

(In the Year 2525) —-Rick Evans wrote it and Denny Zager hated it.