6 things to avoid at fast food joints

According to employees of popular chains!


It may not look like much here…but it just may be your kids’ favorite food!

Continue reading to see what the top six items are to avoid at fast food chains according to the employees themselves. Reddit collected stories from fast food workers asking what items they would never order themselves at their own restaurants…

McDonald’s chicken nuggets – many gross stories including one guy who says he left a bag of 100 of them out for too long and they liquified! The pink slime you saw on the previous page was mechanically separated chicken, the stuff nuggets are made of.

Wendy’s Chili – just becasue the meat comes from reject hamburger patties that were cooked too long. Those go in the fridge and then eventually get chopped up for the chili.

Ice – drink machines are very difficult to clean and keep free of mold according to the employees.

At Subway – if it looks bad don’t get it!

Grilled Chicken – Employees from several chains said breasts are often slathered in margarine to keep them from sticking or they’re defrosted in vats of hot water

Five Guys Large Fries – nothing gross here – emplyees just say the amount you get in the large size isn’t worth the money you pay.