101 # 1 Song of the Day, 7-5-2012

The 101 number one song of the day was recorded by a group whose roots can be traced back to a meeting between a salesman and a sailor in Honolulu.

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These two men eventually formed an act called the “Men” which consisted of a total of 13 men. 13 proved to be an unlucky number but they fixed that quick.

Here’s the story: Terry Kirkman was selling business forms in Hawaii when he met Gary Alexander who was in the Navy. They both had a musical background and agreed to meet up on the mainland when Gary’s hitch was up. True to superstition, the number 13 proved to be bad luck and the group was split down the middle when 7 of the “Men” walked out after an argument during a rehearsal. Their luck began to change after the group reformed with a new name and on July 6, 1967 they scored their second number one hit