101 #1 Song of the Day 6-7-12

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It was instrumental in transforming a woman who had spent six years going nowhere while recording show tunes into rock and roll royalty.

She had been under contract to Columbia Records where lush orchestral arrangements did nothing to take her considerable talents and turn her into a star. A producer at Atlantic Records – Jerry Wexler – was sure she’d connect with the public if only she abandoned the Broadway stuff and return to her roots in gospel music. It was that kind of style and energy that would unleash her rather remarkable vocal powers and get her the respect she deserved. And as it just so happens, the late great Otis Redding had written just the right song that would complete the transformation from show tune singer to the person who would become the Queen of Soul. And so it is…the 101 number one song on this day June 7, 1967 for Aretha Franklin.