33% increase in price in one day!

And people actually used these things back then.

Also, how to guarentee that your rock concert is boring.

for Thursday, May 3rd, the 124th day of 2012

Today is the 61st National Day of Prayer. It is also Paranormal Day and National Two Different Colored Shoes Day, a day to take a risk and step outside your daily routine.

1957: The cost of first-class postage for a U.S. letter increased from three cents to four cents. It may be only a penny but it was a 33% increase.

1979 Margaret Thatcher is chosen to become Britain’s first female prime minister. (What’s wrong with that picture?)

Oh right, above is Meryl Streep portraying Margaret Thatcher. The picture below is the real deal.

And in Music History –

May 3, 1968, a concert tour kicked off which featured the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi who gave lectures when the band was not playing. Since most audiences were not receptive to the lectures, half the tour was cancelled.

The headliners were the Beach Boys –

And they wondered why people were walking out.