The 101 #1 Song of the Day, according to the singer, was the song that established his group as having potential beyond bubblegum pop.It was the group’s 4th and last Billboard Hot 100 #1 hit and it made them the first black male group to achieve four #1’s in a row on that chart. The song became Motown’s most successful single during its so-called Detroit years from 1959-1972 and it was the concept of Motown head Berry Gordy who enlisted the help of his songwriters to create the ballad you’re about to hear for the group who had reached the top in 1970 with “I Want You Back”, “ABC” and “The Love you Save”…it’s the Jackson Five with “I’ll Be There” – listen for a nod to yesterday’s #1 song by the Four Tops – Reach Out I’ll be there “Just look over your shoulder honey”



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